Secure Act 2.0

The age when required minimum distributions from IRAs must be taken will be pushed forward from the present age of 72, ultimately going to age 75 by 2032. Critics of the law say that it has not gone far enough in helping more Americans achieve a secure retirement. Presently only 50% of American workers are […]

Personalizing Inflation

Personalizing Inflation

I will be the first to agree that inflation is running rampant. But, rather than complaining to everyone you meet, consider how it may affect you personally. For example, if you own your home, you are less concerned about the increases in Real Estate or rent, but more concerned about the costs of home maintenance

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Al Smith not only does private consultations, but he also travels to speak at events. If you would like to host a financial workshop at your organization, contact Al today. Financial topics include: Social Security Retirement Financial Wellness College Planning Investing Tax Planning Insurance Planning Human Resources Continued Education Requirements Fraud Prevention and Awareness in

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Year End Financial Checklist

Stock that was sold for a profit can result in capital gains tax. Look over your portfolio and check if you own stock that has lost value… can offset the capital gain with a capital loss. If you own a small business and are having a prosperous year, consider purchasing a new business vehicle, equipment,

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