Promoting growth while safeguarding
against loss in retirement



Before making any recommendation, we gather information to see the big picture of your unique situation. By addressing your greatest concerns first, we begin a process together.


We develop strategies for optimizing your invested assets while minimizing possible loss along the way.


Through an ongoing relationship with you, we update and adjust your personal planning analysis regularly to keep you on track and moving toward your financial goals.

Why choose Al Smith at Golden Eagle Financial?

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You might be wondering “Why should I consider working with Al Smith @ Golden Eagle Financial?”

There are many financial advisors in the Denver Area from whom you could choose… some independent and some part of a larger organization. While most would likely be able to help you reach your financial goals, I bring something additional to the table.

In the most recent 15 years I have met with hundreds of people who were either retired or near retirement. I have learned a great deal about the difference between leaving the work force without a plan and embarking on a fulfilling and rewarding retirement experience.

When clients meets with me, in addition to diving deep into their financial concerns, I often share what I have learned from others about what makes for a joyful, purposeful life beyond employment.

I am not a life coach or a psychologist, but I’ve learned over the years how some retirees achieve peace in their lives by finding their purpose. Although different for everyone, it may involve volunteering, improving relationships or focusing on their walk with the Lord.

In addition to achieving their financial goals through a solid retirement plan, those who choose to be my clients benefit from what I’ve learned that can make their retirement years purposeful and truly fulfilling.

In order to arrange a meeting, please contact me at 303-744-1128 or send an email to

In order to slow the spread of Covid-19 and for your safety you have the choice to meet either in person at my office (wearing masks and practicing social distancing) or virtually using ZOOM.

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