Entertaining and Useful Information on My Radio Show

I encourage everyone who visits my website to also check out the radio show, Retirement Unpacked. It’s on KLZ 560 AM Wednesdays from 2:00-2:30pm. It is packed with both useful and interesting information…some of it financial and some human interest.

I find that how people spend their time in retirement is extremely interesting. My guests share their experiences, which you won’t find in a Kiplinger Report or Money Magazine.

One retired member of our church has spent part of the last twenty years assisting extremely poor children with their school in Mexico. That is in addition to doing a well-researched weekly bible study and assisting his wife who cares for her 97 year old mother who lives with them.

Another friend I know has a brother who suffered a severe stroke over 20 years ago.  My friend was told his brother would have to be institutionalized.  He has been taking care of his brother who has no bladder or bowel control, for that entire time. He just recently retired from administrative work for his church which has taken up most of his time in recent years.

Financially I speak about the importance of having a plan and how that plan must be flexible and allow for unforeseen events.  I describe ways to make the best use of our resources during these times of inflation. For younger people, I talk about compound interest and the importance of beginning to save for future goals, including retirement, at an early age.